Moss Removal & External Surface Cleaning, Chichester

Mold, Lichen and Algae Removal from Paths, Driveways, Tennis Courts and all Hard Surfaces

Your battle with Moss, Mold, Lichen and Algae on hard surfaces outside your property is over …. Operating throughout the Chichester area our Moss removal service is quick and requires no power washing. Our lichen moss and algae removal product is environmentally friendly and completely harmless to your pets and other animals. we can clean all of your surfaces ranging from drives, patios and paths, through to tennis Courts to boats.

** No More Moss, Mould or Lichen on your external hard surfacing **

Quite simply our moss removal services  is the safest, most effective way of removing moss, mould & gunge from ANY exterior surface.

** Does Not Require High Pressure washing or Scrubbing **

Pressure washing will remove moss but can damage the surface, creating tiny holes which encourage more moss in the future. Our removal process is simple, natural and effective, giving you more than 12 months moss, mold and lichen free. Our product works with the weather to remove slippery and unsightly deposits from your outdoor surfaces.


Moss & lichen removal from paths, patios, decking & Driveways - Chichester Moss Removal Services

Paths, Patios, Driveways, Decking, etc

Chichester Moss & Lichen removal services will give your hard surfaces a new lease of life. We will remove moss, lichen and algae deposits which can accumulate over time and make the areas around your property look as good as new.

No high pressure spraying is involved so there is no spattered debris and mess to clear up afterwards.

Moss removal – Tennis Courts & sports pitches/surfaces

Most tennis courts are prone to moss coverage to some degree, particularly in shady areas away from direct sunlight. Moss often becomes established during the autumn and winter months.

NEVER use pressure washers, Jeyes Fluid, bleaches ferrous sulphate, lime or ammonia on your court as they will all damage the surface over time

Our product works on all tennis court and sports surfaces, including asphalt and Astroturf and will restore your court to it’s former glory within 3 – 4 weeks. It will also work as an inhibitor through winter & spring if your court is treated in early autumn.

Yachts & Boats, Teak Decks - Chichester Moss and Mould Removal

Boats & Sails

We can treat fibreglass boats, fibreglass hulls/topsides, teak decks, spray hoods, biminis and spray dodgers.

Our Product is used extensively in the yachting and marine leisure environment to prevent moss mould & algae, particularly through the winter months. It is used by one of the UK’s top sail cleaners as part of their laundering process.

The product activates each time the sprayed surface becomes wet and protects for up to a year.

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